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StaffNOW brings professionals and opportunities together

The workload at MRO companies can be extremely volatile – not only because of the traditional winter peaks and summer lows, but also due to various unpredictable factors in flight and MRO activities. The assignment of contractors can introduce the necessary staff flexibility into maintenance operations. That's where StaffNOW comes in. The digital marketplace brings aircraft maintenance contractors and MRO companies together and makes it easier for both sides to find their perfect match. As the first online platform of its kind, StaffNOW connects you in a fast, efficient and transparent way – saving time and effort by providing direct communication and standardized processes.

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Your digital self-marketing tool

StaffNOW offers you a transparent overview of the industry's open vacancies and inquiries. Register for free, become visible to MRO companies and receive offers now. Your profile with uploaded certifications and licenses and an availability calendar is always kept up to date. As everything is checked by us beforehand, your potential employers can trust in your presentation. You can choose your best options and manage your work and personal time more efficiently. Sign up today to be found immediately and find the best vacancies for your direct applications!

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Overcome your manpower bottlenecks

To achieve the optimal fulfillment rate for their labor capacity needs, MROs increasingly rely on contractors with the right qualifications. Present models of sourcing are often lengthy, complicated and costly. StaffNOW provides a next-generation digital solution for contractor sourcing and gives you access to a big pool of highly qualified professionals. Your inquiry will be linked immediately to registered, pre-checked and available maintenance contractors. Register now and fill your personnel capacity gaps in a very fast and efficient way!

First automated platform for aircraft contractor sourcing

StaffNOW benefits

  • Digitalized processes and speedy matching of requests and availability
  • Optimum qualification correlations between requirements and resources
  • Market transparency with clear overview of vacancies and available contractors
  • Search engine with adjustable filter options
  • Direct communication between MROs and contractors
  • StaffNOW pre-checks contractors' documents and works with trusted contracting agencies
  • Easy to use on all stationary and portable devices
  • Available 24/7
Matching requests and availabilities

How it works

StaffNOW is an easy-to-use online platform for both contractors and MRO companies. Each participant creates a personal profile with all the information required for sourcing. Contractors upload all relevant documents and certifications and create a personal calendar with their availability times. MROs post a request for maintenance staff and their detailed capacity needs with all applicable criteria, such as period of assignment, trade, location, required level of experience and certification. 

The MRO request is immediately matched to pre-checked and available contractors. After selecting the best fits, the company searching for contractors can now send offers or make its post public to attract even more applicants. The contractors are automatically notified if they are invited to take an open position. They can review the details of the offer, clarify open questions and accept or reject. Contractors can also proactively apply for MRO job vacancies. Once accepted, the deal will be finalized with an agency partner.